Reporting on Organised Crime

A Shift from Description to Explanation in the Belgian Annual Report on Organised Crime

Edited by: Chr. Black, B. Frans, M. Paternotte, Tom Vander Beken

This book is the outcome of a six-month research contract undertaken by Ghent University's Research Group Drug Policy, Criminal Policy and International Crime for the Belgian Minister of Justice. Since 1996 the Belgian Government has produced Annual Reports on Organised Crime, and while currently this takes the form of a typically descriptive situation report there has always been the intention to further develop the methodology underwriting the report. It has been envisaged that such methodological development will rely upon the use of supplementary non-police data -both qualitative and quantitative - supporting the utilisation of more sophisticated analytical tools. Proceeding from earlier work undertaken by this research group for the Belgian Federal Police's Organised Crime Unit, this book is an elaboration of the ideas found in Measuring Organised Crime in Belgium: A Risk-Based Methodology (in which a method for determining the impact of organised crime in Belgium is proposed) for application in the context of the Annual Reports.Thus, the substance of this book is a discursive analysis of the issues surrounding a risk-based Annual Report on Organised Crime.As the result of applied research, Reporting on Organised Crime offers concrete recommendations and solutions for the analysis of organised crime and its reporting at the strategic level.

117 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2001
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789062157754