Geert Wilders Speaks Out

The Rhetorical Frames of a European Populist

By Hans de Bruijn

Geert Wilders has dominated the political debate in the Netherlands for several years. His opponents from the center seem unable to get a grip on him. This essay analyzes the way in which Wilders conducts the debate. It discusses the frames used by Wilders and shows how ingenious they are. Opponents who are tempted to step into Wilders' frames are immediately at a disadvantage. If an opponent confronts you with a strong frame, you need a reframing strategy. This involves developing alternative frames that place your opponent at a disadvantage. The book is not about who is right or wrong, but about the political game of framing and reframing. It presents several reframing exercises that help to understand the current debate or to encourage participants to develop their own reframing strategies.

70 pages

Publication Date: 10/25/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789059316263

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