The ICJ Advisory Opinion on Kosovo

Edited by: Monika Stachonova

Throughout history, States never suggested the act of promulgating the declaration of independence was contrary to international law. Would Kosovo be the first one? Its independence was declared unilaterally by the Parliament on February 17, 2008. Is the unilateral declaration of independence by the Provisional Institutions of Self-Government of Kosovo in accordance with international law? This crucial question was laid down by Serbia before the International Court of Justice (ICJ). The ICJ focused on the conformity of Kosovo's independence with international law, and, after taking all the facts into consideration, it issued an advisory opinion. By nine votes to five, the ICJ concluded that the adoption of the declaration did not violate any applicable rule of international law. This book presents the full text of the ICJ's advisory opinion on Kosovo.

Publication Date: 2/24/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789058871855

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