Human Rights and the Right to Food

Volume 2

Edited by: Claudia Tofan

The right to food is a basic human right, as well as a basic human need which should be guaranteed to all people. Food is the most basic necessity of life. When talking about the right to food, we generally tend to focus only on the developing countries and their right to food. In recent years, another issue with regard to food has been added as a human right: the right to safe food. The right to food has been recognized in numerous international instruments, including several meetings attended by world leaders or their representatives where they have increasingly committed themselves to promoting this right. Unfortunately, the international legal recognition of the right to adequate food and numerous commitments to its fulfillment has not translated into widespread acknowledgement and incorporation domestically by all States. Much of the content of the right to food has been developed as a result of these instruments; therefore it is necessary to look at them. This collection presents the most important documents and reports from the United Nations, regional organizations, and national achievements.

508 pages

Publication Date: 6/30/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789058870650