Cross Border Research and Transnational Teaching under Lisbon

Hanse Law School in Perspective

Edited by: Christine Godt

This book is the first volume of the newly founded Hanse Law School series. It gathers 14 articles which evolved from the workshop "Hanse Law School in Perspective - Legal Teaching and Cross Border Research under Lisbon" in Oldenburg in May 2010, celebrating ten years of The Hanse Law School. The workshop served as a springboard for future scientific co-operations. Since then, several mutual funding proposals have been submitted, various teaching lessons have been taught, and the Hanse Law School successfully expanded, and is about to include the University of LeHavre. The book gives evidence of the broad profile of comparative research of scholars involved with and related to the Hanse Law School, which spans from comparative legal theory to comparative administrative law. (Series: Hanse Law School)

218 pages

Publication Date: 5/29/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789058509789