Democratization of Hitmen

By Jason Ray Forbus

This dissertation discusses the ancient profession of the hitman from its early mythical origins to our present day. By drawing from a literature comprising of historical sources, US Secret Service data, and the autobiographies of renowned hitmen, the book will first provide an approximate understanding of these law offenders by looking at their backgrounds and goals, and then compare their characteristics to those expressed by "makeshift killers." Hence, the paper will aim at defining that: 1) our modern, business-oriented society is affecting the modus operandi adopted by freelance professional killers in reaching their clientele, which often resembles the customary approach of other legally recognized professions, and 2) due to astounding improvements in transport and communication technologies, hitmen are becoming further delocalized from their areas of origin to operate on a truly global scale. Finally, the book argues that with modern wealth and opportunity, hitmen are no longer restrained to work for criminal organizations, politicians, or businessmen, but have become available to an ever-growing and varying demand, thus following the democratizing process undergone by other professions. Dissertation.

62 pages

Publication Date: 2/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789058507754