The 1907 Hague Peace Conference

The Conscience of the Civilized World

By Arthur Eyffinger

The book is the successor of the authors monumental and ASIL Award-winning commemorative books on the International Court of Justice (1996) and the First Hague Peace Conference (1999). The present publication links its two predecessors in bridging the gap between that first seminal gathering of the nations in The Hague in 1899 and the institutionalization of the international judicature in 1922. The book presents a comprehensive overview of the first ever and unique diplomatic gathering of the self-acclaimed Civilized World prior to the cataclysm of WWI. In its essentially interdisciplinary approach it offers insights into the complex political backdrop, the vexing legal challenges faced and the social atmosphere of the Conference. All this is enlightened with authentic source material and illustrated with pictures that captivate the world of the Belle Epoque. This book offers - A Sweeping Panorama of the Period - A Rich Analysis of the Conventions - Scores of Excerpts from Speeches of Delegates - A Captivating Review of the Social Entourage - A Dazzling Display of Photographs - Historical Documents and Cartoons

262 pages

Publication Date: 11/1/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789058507594

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