Transnational Criminology Manual

Three-Volume Set

Edited by: Martine Herzog-Evans

In a three volume collection Wolf Legal Publishers presents The Transnational Criminology Manual. We are happy with contributions from more than 100 eminent specialists from the field including scholars from, among others, France (Reims University, Department of Justice) Canada (Montreal University), The Netherlands (Tilburg University, Leiden University, Erasmus Medical Centre), USA (New York University, Duke University), Belgium (Free University Brussels) and the UK (University of Exeter, Strathclyde University, Cardiff University), this Encyclopedia provides an elaborate insight in criminology and its specifics. The Transnational criminology manual provides comprehensive coverage of the leading topics in criminology. Whereas the first volume provides the readers with an introduction to criminology, the second and third volume include timely topics such as internet crimes, money laundering, victimization and therapy. This collection is bilingual; English / French, whereas most contributions are presented entirely in English (with French abstracts). The books are of interest for students in criminology, psychology, sociology and law, social workers, judges, attorneys, probation officers, policemen, and many others. Introductive part : What is criminology? Chapter 1 The concept; the field; the scope Chapter 2 History of Criminology Chapter 3 Doctrines Chapter 4 Criminology and feminism Chapter 5 Teaching criminology Chapter 5 Concepts Chapter 6 Working as a Criminologist Chapter 7 Criminology and criminal policies First Part: Risk factors.

2185 pages

Publication Date: 11/1/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789058505736