The Social Security Co-Ordination Between the EU and Non-EU Countries

Edited by: Paul Schoukens, Danny Pieters

The contributions in this book shed an innovating light on a topic of major scientific, as well as practical, interest that has seldom been dealt with in a comprehensive way: the relations between EU and non-EU countries and nationals, as far as social security is concerned. First, the internal co-ordination of the EU in relation to third country nationals is analyzed. The ways the social security systems of the EU Member States are being co-ordinated with those of the Mediterranean emigration countries are also examined. Additionally, the EU European Free Trade Association's social security arrangements are explored. An overview of the complex landscape of the existing bilateral and multilateral social security instruments binding EU states and non-EU states is provided. Finally, the book deals with the European and international law applicable to the social security of illegal foreign workers. These contributions were presented at a conference held in April 2009 in Leuven, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Master of European Social Security.

155 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050959414