Child Poverty: African and International Perspectives

Edited by: Jaap E. Doek, A.K. Shiva Kumar, David Mugawe, Shimelis Tsegaye

This book is based largely on papers presented at the "Third International Policy Conference on the African Child," organized by The African Child Policy Forum, in 2008. The book was conceived in response to the great interest generated both during and after the Conference. It is unusual in several respects. It looks at child poverty and policy experience not only in Africa, but also in Asia and industrialized and transition economies. It contains a wealth of information and analysis on the linkages between child rights, child wellbeing, child poverty, the dimensions and state of child poverty, and the policy options for tackling it. The book reveals that high rates of economic growth and reductions in income poverty do not automatically translate into improvements in the wellbeing of children. It also draws attention to the fact that political commitment and good leadership are the most critical factors in the successful delivery of policies and programs for eradicating child poverty. A section of the book is devoted to the impact of the current financial and economic crises on children in Africa. The book's papers are authored by some of the most distinguished authorities on human rights and world development. The unique melange of perspectives and experiences contained in the book provides a wealth of knowledge and practice that serve to inform and influence approaches and strategies in dealing with child poverty.

310 pages

Publication Date: 8/31/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050959292

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