European Journal of Intelligence Studies

Capita Selecta

Edited by: Harald Haelterman, Herman Matthijs, Marc Cools, Patrick Van Calster

The European Journal of Intelligence Studies was a peer-reviewed law journal which reached the private and public security and intelligence community in Europe, providing them with high-level academic information of practical relevance. The Journal's readers were public actors such as police, customs services, intelligence bodies, and other interest groups within public administration who had a need for information on legal topics, historical reviews, managerial trends, and an overview of phenomena including espionage, subversion, sabotage, sects, terrorism, and political and environmental radical activism. This present collection contains articles published in the European Journal of Intelligence Studies during the period of 2007-2008. Table of Contents include: It's About Intelligence, Stupid . Protecting a Nation's Economic Potential: Proposal for a Scientific Research Agenda . 'Das Leben der Anderen' and the Cult of Feliks Dzierzynsky . The Belgian Civil Intelligence Service: Roles, Powers, Organisation and Supervision . Towards a New Secret Service in Belgium? . Customs' Role in Managing Security at the EU's External Borders: A Risk Management and Intelligence Approach . Greek Intelligence Service (NIS-EYP): A Brief Description . Narrativity as Dislocation.

125 pages

Publication Date: 4/21/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050959247