Essays in the Law and Economics of Regulation

In Honour of Anthony Ogus

Edited by: Frank H. Stephen, Michael Faure

This festschrift - written to honor Anthony Ogus, a remarkable figure in the law and economics scene in Europe - contains contributions on issues of regulation and the enforcement of regulation. The contributions provide some thought-provoking ideas which may stimulate the further development of law and economics. Part I deals with regulation and contracts while Part II contains contributions on legal procedure and the regulation of the professions. Part III looks at issues of corporate law and consumer regulations and contains contributions focusing on behavioral law and economics. Part IV discusses the issues of tort and insurance, and the contributions in the Part V examine enforcement issues. Essays in the Law and Economics of Regulation is for all lawyers interested in the question of how various legal instruments - regulatory, but also private law - could be used to reach particular policy goals. This interesting and stimulating volume is also for those interested in enforcement issues.

359 pages

Publication Date: 10/22/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050958615