Deprivation of Liberty of Children in Light of International Human Rights Law and Standards

By Liefaard Ton

It is estimated that at least one million children are deprived of their liberty worldwide. Held at police stations, detained in prisons and detention centers, or placed in reform schools and other (closed) institutions, these children are often confronted with gross violations of their human rights. They are deprived of their liberty for obscure reasons; detained in inadequate and overcrowded facilities together with adults; denied family contact; and subjected to violence, abuse and neglect by staff or other inmates. Children deprived of their liberty are at risk of having their childhoods and future life opportunities wasted away. This book provides a systematic and comprehensive study of the implications of International Human Rights Law and Standards for children deprived of their liberty. The book addresses the legal requirements regarding arrest, detention, and imprisonment of children, set by international and regional human rights treaties, in particular the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and pays close attention to the role of children's legal status. In light of this, the book subsequently assesses legislation from the Netherlands specifically drawn up to strengthen the legal status of children in Dutch youth institutions. It offers specific guidance on the interpretation and implementation of relevant provisions of International Human Rights Law and Standards, particularly for: academics; (inter)national governmental and non-governmental organizations; (inter)national courts, legislators, and competent authorities; institutions; lawyers; and others working with or for children deprived of their liberty. Its detailed recommendations clarify important steps towards the realization of the rights of children deprived of their liberty around the world.

696 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050958387