Social Protection in an Ageing World

Edited by: Karl Van Den Bosch, Lindsey Smith, Peter A. Kemp

Population ageing is one of the most difficult challenges facing social protection in the advanced welfare states. It also has important implications for middle and low income economies. Increasing longevity has threatened to undermine the financial viability of pension systems, but pension reform is politically hazardous. Meanwhile, changes in the labor market and in family and household structures have raised questions about pension coverage and adequacy. Furthermore, an ageing population also has implications for labor supply. This book brings together a selection of papers presented at a seminar organized by the Foundation for International Studies of Social Security (FISS). It examines: new survey evidence on ageing in Europe and the U.S. --- the political economy of pension reform in advanced welfare states --- ageing and social protection in developing countries --- older workers and early retirement --- the impact of divorce on older people.

279 pages

Publication Date: 6/5/2008
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789050958097