European Energy Law Report V

Edited by: Ulf Hammer, Martha M. Roggenkamp

The European Energy Law Report V presents an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of EU and national energy law as discussed at the 2007 European Energy Law Seminar. The book consists of four parts. The first part examines recent developments in EU competition law and how it affects the energy sector. In addition to the Energy Sector Inquiry, the profit sharing mechanisms in gas contracts are analyzed by competition law experts. The second part focuses on cross-border trade and its relevance for the establishment of an internal energy market. Two chapters deal with the re-emerging role of energy transit in the EU. This is followed by an analysis of the establishment of regional electricity markets and how to increase transparency in European electricity markets. Liberalizing the energy sector and creating a secure and sustainable energy supply is a difficult balancing act, which is discussed in part three. This is illustrated by an overview of how the EU energy policy has developed since the 1960 and the complexity of the policy goals in the Third Energy Package of 2007. Several legal instruments are being developed to guarantee security of supply and the protection of energy systems necessary to guarantee a regular supply of energy. The final part of the book introduces a complete new development, the issue of Carbon Capture and Storage. In addition to developments on EU level, the authors discuss the national approaches in the UK, Norway, and the Netherlands.

238 pages

Publication Date: 3/13/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050957861