Preliminary Draft of the Flemish Nature Code

Preliminary Draft of the Decree on Nature, Landscape, Forests and Wild Flora and Fauna

Edited by: Geert Van Hoorick, An Cliquet, Lode Dekimpe, Valerie Eerens

The Preliminary Draft of the Flemish Nature Code originates from a government assignment given by the Flemish government to the Environmental Law Center at the University of Ghent. The Flemish Region is one of three regions in Belgium, which is a federal state in the European Union. The innovative and integrated approach towards nature and landscape conservation in this Preliminary Draft has been widely appreciated. Nature and landscape conservation, protection of wildlife, forestry, and hunting are integrated in one Code. It can therefore also be regarded as a guide for developing nature conservation law in the long term. This book contains the articles and a summary of the explanatory memorandum.

256 pages

Publication Date: 1/28/2008
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050957670