European Social Security Law

Fifth Edition

By Frans Pennings

The social security of the EU has become of vital significance for persons living or working in an EU Member State. The creation of the European Economic Area and near accession of the candidate Members (East European countries) has further increased the relevance of this law. This completely revised and updated fifth edition describes EU social security law, beginning with the rules relevant to migrant workers. Coverage includes Regulations 1408/71 and 574/72, and the case law of the Court of Justice of the EC. The book analyzes the contributions of these judgments to the developments of coordination law and to the realization of the objective of free movement of workers. In this respect, the relation of the Regulations and the EC Treaty, which is shown in, for instance the Kohll and Decker judgments, is analyzed. Special attention is paid to the Proposal for Simplification and Modernisation of Regulation 1408/71. A second main part of EU social security law is the law on equal treatment of men and women. The Court of Justice issued several main decisions, of which the Barber judgment is a well-known example. Since then, the case law has been further developed, and this book helps the reader to understand the present state of affairs. A separate chapter analyzes the combat against social exclusion of the EU and the instruments developed for this purpose.

402 pages

Publication Date: 11/30/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789050957298