Principles of European Family Law regarding Parental Responsibilities

By Katharina Boele-Woelki, Frédérique Ferrand, Cristina Gonzalez Beilfuss, Maarit Jänterä-Jareborg, Dieter Martiny, Walter Pintens, Nigel Lowe

The Principles of European Family Law which are drafted by the CEFL are aimed at contributing to the harmonisation of family law in Europe. They may thus be used as a frame of reference. The first set of Principles in the field of Divorce and Maintenance Between Former Spouses was launched in 2004. This book contains the Principles Regarding Parental Responsibilities. In these Principles, the CEFL has developed a comprehensive and original set of rules in the field of parental responsibilities based on respect for the rights of the child, non-discrimination and, as far as possible, self-determination. In their provisions on specific issues the Principles opt for solutions which seem to be workable and shall avoid unnecessary hardship and disputes.

323 pages

Publication Date: 3/26/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050956451