Juxtaposing Legal Systems and the Principles of European Family Law on Divorce and Maintenance

Edited by: Jane Mair, Esin Orucu

The Commission on European Family Law published its "Principles of European Family Law Regarding Divorce and Maintenance Between Former Spouses" in 2004 as a contribution towards the establishment of a European Family Law. Only by empirical testing of the Principles in a number of legal systems can one demonstrate whether they are acceptable and/or are regarded as an improvement on existing national laws. This edited volume seeks to test the Principles in a range of legal systems, some already considered by the CEFL: France, Scandinavia, England, Scotland; some untested: Malta, Estonia, Lithuania and Turkey; and in so doing to assess these legal systems in view of the Principles, and the Principles in view of these legal systems. The final part of the volume is a comparative assessment of the findings, looking at the Principles first as harmonious ideals, and then as shortfalls in these ideals and at the obstacles to harmonisation

270 pages

Publication Date: 5/2/2007
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050955775