European Energy Law Report III

Edited by: Ulf Hammer, Martha M. Roggenkamp

The European Energy Law Report III presents an overview of the most important legal developments in the field of EU and national energy law as discussed at the 2005 European Energy Law Seminar. It examines the Commission?s recent progress report on the implementation of the 2003 energy directives, its sector inquiry regarding competition conditions in the energy markets, and its recent policy on vertical and conglomerate mergers in the light of its ongoing concern as to the increased levels of concentration in Europe?s energy markets. The investigation of the Bundeskartellamt in Germany concerns the role of long-term downstream gas supply agreements in a liberalised market. Regulators are increasingly confronted with the need to secure the quality of electricity supply in a competitive market. After an analysis of how electricity distribution companies can be regulated with respect to quality of supply, separate chapters from Italy and the Netherlands discuss national developments in detail. The role of LNG is increasing in the European gas market. The book discusses the main components of the short-term LNG sale and purchase agreements, the rules regarding non-discriminatory access to existing regasification terminals as well as the establishment of new LNG import terminals in the EU and the extent to which such installations can be exempted from the applicable regime on regulated third-party access. The book examines several legal developments regarding energy infrastructure. Whereas the 2003 energy directives provide for a legal unbundling of the downstream energy transmission and distribution companies, some Member States (Denmark and the Netherlands) go beyond this requirement and have introduced ownership unbundling in order to guarantee the establishment of an independent system operator. Recent developments in the North Sea include the establishment of a Framework Agreement, aiming at a simplification of rules and procedures for new projects across the UK-Norwegian continental shelf delimitation line, and the new UK Infrastructure Code of Practice which presents a regime of third party use of upstream pipelines based on negotiations. With contributions of W. Webster, M. van der Woude, L. Hancher, G. K?hne, V. Ajodhia, D. Hesseling, H. Knops, R. Malaman, M. Sari, L. Lo Schiavo, Y. Wijnia, A. H. S?rli, H. Trischmann, Fr. Piron, M.M. Roggenkamp, A. R?nne, P. Carter and H. Musaeus.

260 pages

Publication Date: 5/15/2006
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050955621