Genetic Discrimination and Genetic Privacy in a Comparative Perspective

By J.H. Gerards, Aalt Willem Heringa, H.L. Janssen

During the last decades, a better understanding of the influence of genetic factors on the onset of illness and disease has evolved. Unfortunately, however, the information revealed by genetic tests is not always accurate and reliable and its probabilistic value is often limited. Throughout the world, the possibility of genetic testing and the availability of individual genetic information have therefore caused increasing social concern, especially since many actors outside the medical profession, such as health and life insurance companies and employers, have shown a growing interest in individual genetic information. In many states, as well as on the international level, there is an ongoing debate about the balance that should be struck between the protection of the individual against misuse of genetic information and the interests of social actors and genetic research institutes, and about the policy options that are at hand to reduce the risks that are created by the availability of genetic information. This book offers some clarity as to the choices that have been made in various legal systems, both national and international, with respect to the regulation of genetic information. On the basis of an elaborate analysis of relevant legislation, policy approaches and case-law in the United States, the various European states and on the international level, the book aims to provide insight in the issues that must be deemed relevant in considering and, eventually, introducing regulative measures with respect to genetic information.

241 pages

Publication Date: 4/12/2005
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050954525

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