Belgian Yearbook Corporate Finance 2002

Edited by: Rudy Aernoudt, Peter-Jan Engelen, E. Verbaere

The Belgian Yearbook of Corporate Finance presents the reader an overview of the corporate finance business in Belgium. This yearbook will assist entrepreneurs and financial officers in finding investors to further develop their business. Each year different topics in the area of corporate finance are discussed by different leading academics and practitioners. In this yearbook the concept of "integrated finance" is explained. This concept aims at reducing financing costs for small and medium sized companies by pro-actively analysing similar financial requirements through the development of a business plan or project. This yearbook discusses the different financing forms depending on the size and the requirements of the company. It gives the reader a better insight in the way corporate financial markets are organised and how the different actors operate and think. Therefore this yearbook is invaluable for financial executives, entrepreneurs, accountants but also for lawyers and other non-financial executives who want to obtain a better insight in the corporate finance business. Contributions from: D. Cassimon, W. Corluy, A. Keppens, C. Mason and J. Putzeys

173 pages

Publication Date: 5/22/2002
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050952088