Eu Sales Directive

Edited by: M.C. Bianca, Stefan Grundmann

European standards of interpretation (including interpretation of comparativelaw) and reference to the directive and to instruments of European law are now part of sound legal practice even in the most routine of domestic cases. The huge reforms in many national laws, in some countries the rewriting of their Code to reflect the Directive, is no more than good approximation. What really matters and what ultimately will be the decisive standard is the Directive. The Geneva Conventions on bills of exchange and cheques, the Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods and the Brussels Convention on jurisdiction and recognition of judgments were milestones. They did not, however, influence national private law in its core area as profoundly and as extensively as the EU Sales Law Directive will. This book starts off by explaining the instruments of European law and their influence on national law and lays solid foundations for a thorough transnational understanding of every single provision of the directive. Also discussed are the philosophical, historical and economic foundations of the different rules, which are followed by a detailed commentary on each individual article. Contributions to this book are made by: C.M. Bianca, M. Bridge, W. van Gerven, F. Gomez, S. Grundmann, E. Hondius, P. Malinvaud, A. Luna Serrano, P. Sirena and S. Stijns.

383 pages

Publication Date: 12/4/2002
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789050951937

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