New Trends in Criminal Investigation and Evidence

Volume II

Edited by: C.M. Breur, M.M. Kommer, J. Nijboer, J. Reijntjes

This volumes gives the reader a broad insight in recent developments in criminal investigation and evidence. Amongst others the following topics are covered: - Challenges for the Law of Evidence (J.F. Nijboer) - The Offence of Money Laundering - Polish Penal Regulation vis ? vis the European Norms (J.B. Banach) - International Tribunals (G.T. Blewitt) - European Criminal Law (G.J.M. Corstens) - The relationship between Interational Law and Criminal Procedure - a UK Perspective (A.N. Brown) - Forensic Accountancy and Fraud Auditing: the Case of the Indian Securities Scam (P. Chattopadhyay) - The Exclusion of Improperly Obtained Evidence in England & Wales (A.L.-T. Choo and S. Nash) - Changes in the Quantity, Quality and Significance of Pre-sentence Evidence in Criminal Trials in the US (T.F. Courtless) - Monitoring Error in Forensic Science: Lessons to be learned from the Reviews of the FBI Laboratory (I. Freckelton) - Trompe l'OEuil: the Admissibility of Expert Testimony on the Unreliability of Eyewitness Identifications (M.W. Ghetti) - Hearsay Evidence in Criminal Proceedings - Proposals for Hearsay Reform: The Admissibility Wheel (L.A.O. Mc Grath) - Improperly Obtained R-Evidece and the End(s) of Punishment (H.J.R. Kaptein) - DNA Tests and Individual Identification (L. Levine and L. Kobilinsky) - The Process of Interrogating Criminal Suspects in the United States (P. Marcus) - New Trends in International Co-operation in Criminal Matters in the European Union (G. Vermeulen)

777 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2000
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789050951333