Foreign Policy on Human Rights

its Influence on Indonesia under Soeharto

By M. Glasius

Many states now feel an obligation not only to respect human rights themselves, but also to pursue human rights issues in their relations with other states. Human rights are very much on the international political agenda. Little is known, however, about how much one state can influence another state to improve its human rights record, and which factors make such influence attempts more or less effective. Pronouncements and predictions concerning the influence of human rights policy are often based on the speaker's of the right to health. It addresses its current implementation practices by treaty monitoring bodies by providing an extensive evaluation of reporting practices. In addition, it addresses the justiciability issue by giving an elaborate description of international and national case law by judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. On the basis of these findings it outlines the content of the right to health and describes the resulting obligations on the part of States.

440 pages

Publication Date: 8/1/1999
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789050950893