Criminology, Security and Justice

Methodological and epistemological issues

Edited by: Candido da Agra, Carla Cardoso, Jacques de Maillard, Conor O'Reily, Paul Ponsaers, Joanna Shapland

The Groupement Europeen de Recherches sur les Normativites [tr.: European Research Group on Law-Making] (GERN) is a large multidisciplinary consortium of scientific researchers in the domain of deviance and social control that studies delinquency, penal institutions, public policies of security, and the importance of penal questions in society. GERN is present in ten European countries and annually organizes a doctoral summer school that gives PhD students the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing projects and research results. This third volume in the GERN Research Paper series stems from the 2014 summer school held in Porto (Portugal). The selected theme for this summer school was 'Criminology, Security, and Justice: Methodological and Epistemological Issues.' The contents of the book, inspired by the summer session, include: Criminology, Security and Justice: Methodological and Epistemological Issues * Should I Stay or Should I Go? Reflecting about Experienced Methodological Issues * Bail Decision-Making in England and Wales and Canada: The Value of a Comparative Approach * Studying the Contextual Cues Associated with Fear of Crime through Eye Tracking Techniques: An Exploratory Research * Dangerous and Endangered: The Construction of Male Homosexual Sex Work as a Social Problem in Germany * Studying Police Use of Force: Definitional Challenges and Methodological Considerations * Methodological Challenges of Researching Riots in Small Geographical Communities * The Portuguese Version of the YLS/CMI: Preliminary Data * Suburban Areas behind Walls: Handling Territorial Identities in a French Prison. (Series: GERN Research Paper - Vol. 3) [Subject: Criminology, Penology, Policing]

Publication Date: 8/28/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789046607787