Labelling Migrants Who Sell Sex

A case study of Brazilians in Spain and Portugal

By Julie Lima de Perez

'Migrants who sell sex' is a vast category which includes a variety of ever-changing experiences. These experiences, however, are often a secondary consideration when it comes to categorizing said migrants. Adapted from a doctoral thesis, this book explores the construction, manipulation, and imposition of the labels of 'victim of trafficking' and 'migrant sex worker,' as well as their consequences. Through a case study of Brazilian migrants in Spain and Portugal, the book delves into the motivations of both the receiving/developed countries and the sending/developing countries, which shape their construction of the labels of migrants working in the sex industry and their application. It considers issues such as: the varying definitions of these labels in national legislation and policies * the effect of the manipulation of labels on trafficking statistics * the problems faced by migrants who sell sex outside of the trafficking context * the treatment given to those labeled as (potential) victims of trafficking, before and after reaching their country of destination. [Subject: Sociology, Criminology, Migration Studies]

Publication Date: 9/1/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789046607725