EU Criminal Justice, Financial & Economic Crime

New Perspectives (Governance of Security (GofS) Research Paper Series, Volume 5)

Edited by: Marc Cools, Brice De Ruyver, Marleen Easton, Lieven Pauwels, Paul Ponsaers, Tom Vander Beken, Freya Vander Laenen, Gudrun Vande Walle, Antoinette Verhage, Gert Vermeulen, Gerwinde Vynckier

This fifth volume of the Governance of Security (GofS) Research Paper series addresses a wide variety of topical issues focusing on European criminal justice and financial and economic crime. The first cluster of articles is concerned with European criminal justice matters particularly relating to EU mutual recognition, such as: conceptualization, unwanted effects in the context of prisoner transfer and sentence execution, impact for cross-border gathering and use of forensic expert evidence, and interrogational fairness standards. A second cluster of articles addresses the subjects of financial and economic crime, ranging from informal economy (among street children) to formal/informal economy (vulnerability of the hotel and catering industry to crime) and white collar crime phenomena like (transnational) environmental crime and corruption. A final cluster groups together a variety of selected topical issues, including juvenile offending and mental disorders, desistance theories, and sexually transmitted infections.

320 pages

Publication Date: 5/9/2011
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789046604380