The Secrets of Gaining the Upper Hand in High Performance Negotiations

Vol. 2. Training 'High Performance Negotiation' by Chris T. Voss (Result ADR Negotiation Institute Series)

Edited by: Manon Schonewille, Felix Merks

Although negotiations are an ever-present part of our everyday lives, many of us know little as to why we sometimes get our way, while on other occasions we walk away feeling frustrated that we did not reach the desired agreement or we may have left too much value on the table. Knowing how to gain the upper hand to get what is necessary from a negotiation is particularly important when the stakes are high, especially in a situation where a negotiator feels the options and choices are limited yet something must be achieved. A negotiation can cause a lot of stress, making the stakes even higher and the negotiation dynamics more difficult to manage. New communication technologies play an increasingly important role in day-to-day negotiations. It is important to be aware of these situations in order to know what works (and what does not work) and how to maximize the outcome in such negotiation situations. The contributions in this book - as well as the exclusive interview with Chris Voss, an international business negotiator - capture the key concepts and the most important learning points on how to gain the upper hand in high stake negotiations. The book deals in a concise way with proven tools, such as recognizing escalation mechanisms and the techniques on how to de-escalate or deal with emotions. Readers will gain access to crucial insights from professionals, like the FBI or US army negotiators, who are experienced in negotiating under extreme pressure in situations where lives are literally on the line. The book covers newer developments, such as involving a deal facilitator and conducting e-negotiations. The book also includes an example of role-playing a negotiation in a conflict situation, where the stakes are high and a lot of emotions are present on both sides of the table.

132 pages

Publication Date: 5/9/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789046604045