Gaining Ground in Difficult Negotiations

Vol 1. Training 'Advanced Negotiation & Difficult Conversations' by Bruce Patton (Result ADR Negotiation Institute Series)

Edited by: Manon Schonewille, Felix Merks

Experienced managers and lawyers know the value of being proficient in negotiations, which are executed every day on nearly everything. Most negotiators are continually faced with diverse and complicated situations, so it is important to have a set of tools for handling challenging situations, as well as for dealing with people who may be difficult to interact with. In practice, there is a common tendency to respond to difficult situations or people with a 'fight or flight' response. Many business negotiations and settlement agreements risk ending with suboptimal outcomes. This book has been compiled to accompany the training of Bruce Patton, one of the world's most prominent scientists and experts on negotiation. It contains the key tools that are necessary to deal with difficult people and tense situations. These crucial insights and skills will enable the reader to change negotiation behavior from 'instinctive' to 'strategic and in control.' The book also includes convenient summaries, practical checklists, worksheets, as well as interviews with influential negotiation scholars, in order to capture the key concepts.

108 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789046604038