Fervet Opus. Liber Amicorum Anton van Kalmthout

Edited by: Marc Groenhuijsen, Tijs Kooijmans, Theo de Roos

On July 1, 2010, Prof. Dr. Anton van Kalmthout retired as a professor of the chair for 'Deprivation of Liberty in Criminal Law and Migration Law' at Tilburg University in the Netherlands. The Department of Criminal Law felt the need to honor van Kalmthout's emeritus status and recognize his contribution to legal science, in particular to the field of criminal law and migration law. This festschrift contains 23 contributions by authors who all have a personal and professional relationship with Anton van Kalmthout. The contributions include: Migrants' Choice for a Voluntary Return from Detention * Drug Policies in Europe * Exclusion of Ex-KhAD/WAD Members in the Netherlands * Entry, Return, Detention: Different Standards in Judicial Protection? * The Association Internationale de Droit Penal and the Establishment of the International Criminal Court * Where Do We Go from Here? Current Trends in Developing Juvenile Justice in Europe * Foreign Prisoners and Probation: To Discriminate or Not? * Introduction of the New York Double Strategy to Control Organized Crime in the Netherlands and the European Union * Special Minimum Sentences and Community Service in Contemporary Dutch Criminal Law * A Letter to Anton * Food for Thought: The CPT and Force-feeding of Prisoners on Hunger Strike * Implementation of Framework Decisions on the Enforcement of Foreign Criminal Judgments: (How) Can the Aim of Resocialization Be Achieved? * Deprivation of Illegally Obtained Advantage and the Shifting Burden of Proof * Sex at Catholic Boarding Schools and in Other Situations of Dependence * Just a Question of Decency * The Requirement of the Offender's Consent to Community Service * About the Human Rights Success Stories of the Council of Europe: Some Reflections on the Impact of the CPT upon the Case-Law of the European Court of Human Rights * A God Without Speech: Notes from Limbo * Evaluation of Closed Criminal Cases in the Netherlands: A Unique Experiment * Recent Developments on Euthanasia in the Netherlands after the Adoption of the 2001 Termination of Life on Request and Assistance in Suicide (Review Procedures) Act * The Protection of Detainees in Police Cells in the Netherlands Antilles and the Role of the CPT * A Humane Rule of Law * Release from Life Imprisonment: A Comparative Note on the Role of Pre-Release Decision Making in England and Germany

248 pages

Publication Date: 6/15/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789046603673