EU and International Crime Control

Topical Issues (Governance of Security (GofS) Research Paper Series, Vol. 4)

Edited by: Marleen Easton, Marc Cools, Gudrun Vande Walle, Paul Ponsaers, Freya Vander Laenen, Tom Vander Beken, Brice De Ruyver, Lieven Pauwels, Gert Vermeulen, Gerwinde Vynckier

EU and International Crime Control focuses on intrinsic EU criminal policy aspects, including its transatlantic cooperation with the US. Additionally, the book examines anti-money laundering control, counter-strategies of criminal organizations, and police torture. Chapters include: Appreciating Approximation: Using Common Offense Concepts to Facilitate Police and Judicial Cooperation in the EU * Approximation and Mutual Recognition of Procedural Safeguards of Suspects and Defendants in Criminal Proceedings throughout the European Union * Shaping the Competence of Europol: An FBI Perspective * Towards a Coherent EU Policy on Outgoing Data Transfers for Use in Criminal Matters? The Adequacy Requirement and the Framework Decision on Data Protection in Criminal Matters: A Transatlantic Exercise in Adequacy * The International Private Security Industry as Part of the European Union Security Framework: A Critical Assessment of the French EU Presidency White Paper * The Anti-Money Laundering Complex on a Crime Control Continuum: Perceptions of Risk, Power and Efficacy * The Use of Counterstrategies by Criminal Organizations: 'Intimidation and the Use of Violence against Police Officers' * Police Torture in China and Its Causes.

221 pages

Publication Date: 6/4/2010
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789046603284