Private Security Companies and Private Military Companies

A Comparative and Economical Analysis (Governance of Security (GofS) Report Series, Vol. 1)

By Joery Matthys

What is the purpose of a State if not to at least protect its citizens? It is a legitimate question, but does it necessarily have to manifest itself as an unwillingness of the State to accept non-public actors in the provision of security? This book constructs theoretical models of how States can cope with the increased interest in private security, provides a functional breakdown of "police services" as we understand the term now, and examines the entry barriers several Western jurisdictions have imposed on the companies that are willing to provide these different police functions on a private basis. A new input is given to a fairly unexplored market segment: a combination of a security contract with an insurance contract. Additionally, the book touches upon the concept of private military companies. One specific subset of these can be closely linked to the private security industry. When contracted by State agencies, challenges are encountered that also exist with other public-private contracts, but in a more exacerbated way. Using existing methods, the author proposes some methods to minimize costs, maximize benefits, and increase accountability to the benefit of both the State and the company.

260 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789046603161