Readings on Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Policing

Governance of Security (GofS) Research Paper Series, Vol. 2

Edited by: Lieven Pauwels, Gudrun Vande Walle, Freya Vander Laenen, Marleen Easton, Marc Cools, Sofie de Kimpe, Paul Ponsaers, Tom Vander Beken, Brice De Ruyver, Gert Vermeulen

In today's globalized society, an international exchange of ideas and views is indispensable within the field of social sciences, including criminology and criminal justice studies. The research group Governance of Security (GofS) fosters contemporary international discourses on issues of crime and crime control. In 2008, GofS started a research paper series, combining theoretical and empirical articles on issues reflecting the research activities of GofS. This research group is a collaboration between Ghent University and Ghent University College in Belgium. GofS concentrates its research around the study of administrative and judicial policy that have been developed with respect to new issues of crime and insecurity. The GofS series - Governance of Security Research Papers (GofS) - is published by Maklu Publishing (Belgium). Readings on Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Policing - Volume 2 of GofS's series Governance of Security Research Papers - includes the following: Punishment across Borders: The Rationales behind International Execution of Sentences . Interpreting the Concept of 'Discretionary Power' within the Execution of Sentences: A Comparison between the Belgian and French Situation . Esperanto for EU Crime Statistics: Towards Common European Offense Definitions in an EU-level Offense Classification System . Developing a Framework for the Legal Rights of Victims and Witnesses . What Can European Institutions and the International Criminal Court Learn from Each Other? . Purpose Limitation in EU-US Data Exchange in Criminal Matters: The Remains of the Day . Some Criminal Law Reflections on the Sexual Transmission of HIV . Reading about Crime in Post-Intervention Societies: A Critical Assessment . Policing and Leadership: The Case of the Belgian Chiefs of the Local Police . Reflections on the Possible Integration of Intelligence-Led Policing into Community Policing: The Belgian Case . Reliability and Correlational Validity of Police Interview Competences: Assessing the Stability of the Police Interview Competency Inventory . The Role of Europol in Joint Investigation Teams: A Foretaste of an Executive European Police Office? . Checking Aspects of a "Nodal Orientation" for Policing the Port of Antwerp.

381 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2009
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9789046602416