Methodological Challenges in Research on Student Learning

Edited by: Vincent Donche, Sven De Maeyer, David Gijbels, Huub van den Bergh

Research on student learning has undergone many changes in the last decade. In particular, the research methodology has advanced in many different ways on the level of complexity of data collection and the rigor of data analyses. In the quantitative research perspective, many off-line and online measures and statistical analysis techniques have been further meticulously developed. In the qualitative research perspective, a broader range of data collection tools are applied. Additionally, the use of mixed method data analysis is increasing. Although in some research strands on student learning, the mono method approach of quantitative research is still 'the golden rule,' in other research strands there is more methodological creativity in mixing research paradigms and designs which can be very fruitful advancements for further knowledge development. This book focuses on the domain of research on learning patterns in which these methodological shifts are in rapid evolution. A variety of international research cases that illustrate current practices of empirical research are presented, showing how different methods of research on student learning can be applied and can be useful for future research. Both the benefits and boundaries of the research methods are critically discussed and future perspectives are proposed. *** "Though interesting conclusions and/or corroboration and challenges to previous theories regarding student learning are discussed throughout the book's varied chapters, the overarching focus is indeed on methodological challenges and proposed solutions to these." --Reflective Teaching, Wabash Center, September 2016 (Series: Methodology and Statistics - Vol. 1) [Series: Methodology and Statistics - Vol. 1]

Publication Date: 6/12/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789044132809