Anthropology as a Driver for Tourism Research

Edited by: Wil Munsters, Marjan Melkert

This book was inspired by the strongly increasing cross-fertilization between anthropological research and tourism studies. It provides a rich and comprehensive overview of key topics within contemporary international research related to the anthropology of tourism, including theoretical and methodological issues, field studies, ethnographic museum policy, and the anthropological contributions to tourism policy research and cultural tourism studies. The book will be suitable for researchers, lecturers, and students in the fields of anthropology and tourism, as well as for policymakers and practitioners working in the culture and museum sectors, the tourism industry, and government service. Interested laymen, culture seekers, and travel lovers will also appreciate the wealth of observations, descriptions, and analyses that will undoubtedly broaden the outlook on people and places around the globe. [Subject: Anthropology, Tourism Studies, Cultural Heritage]

Publication Date: 6/1/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9789044132427