Dialogue-Based Teaching

The Art Museum as a Learning Space

By Olga Dysthe, Nana Bernhardt, Line Esbjorn

At the heart of dialogue-based teaching as described in this book, is a conviction that learning takes place when students' curiosity and creativity are engaged through conversation and practical-aesthetic activity. By exploring seven cases, Dysthe, Bernhardt and Esbjorn demonstrate how experienced museum educators challenge groups of children and youth to explore a variety of topics, exchange views, and develop new perspectives. The museum educators in this book strive to connect with children's everyday life-worlds, as well as to draw out the multivoicedness that is latent in every group. The authors use seven teaching sequences from different art museums to reveal what dialogue-based teaching looks like in practice. They show how art and design is a springboard to engage students in dialogue, not only about art itself, but about subjects such as history, society, sustainability and identity. These case descriptions illuminate the power and process of dialogue-based education in the art museum and generate insights about learning that are relevant to any museum or classroom setting - in all subjects and at all levels.

Publication Date: 1/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788791663116