Meat Inspection

The Pathoanatomic Basis

By Henrik E. Jensen, Pall S. Leifsson, Ole L. Nielsen, Jorgen S. Agerholm, Tine Iburg

Meat Inspection is the most comprehensive book covering the subject of meat inspection in today's market. The pathoanatomic basis of the book combined with concise explanations of pathogenesis and aetiology are supplemented by almost 1,500 color illlustrations and matching texts, making this book an indispensable tool for professionals and veterinarians who work with assessing and diagnosing lesions in production animals. The book provides a foundation for the uniform assessment of lesions based on current meat hygiene legislation and is vital to anyone interested in pathobiological issues. Chapters 1 and 2 cover general conditions of production animals while the following 16 chapters describe lesions in the various organ systems. The remaining four chapters cover cross-disciplinary areas of meat inspection such as pyaemia, granulomatous and pyogranulomatous inflammations, forensic pathology and animal welfare, and neoplasms. The comprehensive index guarantees quick reference searches on specific subjects. This book focuses on diseases and types of lesions most commonly found in production mammals at meat inspection. Diseases in game and poultry are not discussed, but the principles described may be applied to mammalian game in general. The book will be a valuable tool to hunters, researchers, and other persons with an interest in these animals. [Subject: Meat Inspection, Veterinary Medicine, Production Farming]

Publication Date: 8/1/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788791319549