Doing Business in India

Selected Themes to Consider

Edited by: Jan Stentoft, Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen, Antony Paulraj

This book is about the theory and practice of doing business in India and is based on M.Sc. students' evaluated assignments related to a field study trip to India in 2013. The book includes: reflection on why one would do business in India, such as access to low cost production and a rapid growing market for products due to high economic growth in India * recognition of the importance of paying attention to cultural aspects, adapting to local customs, habits, and traditions * analysis of how innovation takes place from an Indian perspective * discussion of how knowledge management in industrial enterprises is shared * outsourcing and offshoring activities to India, creating an overview of important factors to consider when choosing among these two globalization strategies. [Subject: Business Management, Economics, India Studies]

Publication Date: 12/23/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788791070884