Doing business in China

Report from a field study trip

Edited by: Jan Stentoft Arlbjorn, Ole Stegmann Mikkelsen

This book is about the theory and practice of doing business in China and is based on M.Sc. students' evaluated assignments related to a field study trip taken in China. The book is organized into six chapters, discussing the following: ** Chapter One reflects on why one should do business in China. The reasons for doing business in China are, among others, access to low cost production and to a rapid growing market for products, due to the high economic growth in the country. ** Chapter Two is concerned with Chinese business culture. When engaging in business in China, it is important to pay attention to cultural aspects. One should adapt to local customs, habits, and traditions. ** Chapter Three looks at the drivers and barriers for offshoring production to China. Furthermore, this chapter addresses four challenges with offshoring to China. As well, it discusses the degree of planning before the offshoring takes place. ** Chapter Four is about innovation in China. It provides an overall view of how Chinese market structure has led to increased focus on cost innovation, and it offers an increased understanding of innovation in a Chinese context. ** Chapter Five deals with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). With the globalization of trade, having a strong focus on CSR has become even more important. This also applies to a Chinese context. A company entering China needs to gain an understanding of the CSR issues related to the national context. ** Chapter Six focuses on the overall learning process obtained from this field study trip to China.

167 pages

Publication Date: 12/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788791070877