The Cold War - and the Nordic Countries

Historiography at a Crossroads

Edited by: Thorsten B. Olesen

During the Cold War the Nordic Countries were walking a tightrope, being located in the vicinity of the USSR-dominated red empire. This book contains five articles that evaluate Nordic Cold War research within its national context, with each contribution pointing to what has so far been achieved by existing research, what progress is to be expected from projects under way, and what seem to be the most important gaps to be filled in the future. Attention is given predominantly to presenting and discussing studies which have appeared in the post-Cold War period - with the exception of the Swedish contribution which presents a more general outline of Cold War research. Following these national contributions, the book concludes by taking up the comparative challenge. The book is a logical point of departure for researchers who want to work with Nordic Cold War history, especially on a truly comparative basis.

194 pages

Publication Date: 8/15/2004
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788778388575