Divination and Portents in the Roman World

Edited by: Robin Lorsch Wildfang, Jacob Isager

The ancient Romans believed that the gods sent signs of future events to men through the flight of birds, meteorological disturbances and other natural phenomena. These signs influenced every sphere of ancient life, both public and private, from a state's decision to go to war or make peace, hold an election or meet a public crisis to an individual's business, mariage or travel plans. The book illustrates how the various Roman divinatory techniques were inter-woven into the structures of ancient society as well as how they were used in literary contexts. The intriguing question of the alleged doublethink among the Roman intellectuals in their attitude to Divination is another important theme taken up in Divination & Portents in the Roman World.

80 pages

Publication Date: 6/7/2000
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788778384621