A Linguist's Credo

Selected Papers

Paul Christophersen (1911-1999) is one of Denmark's foremost Anglicists. As a young graduate of Copenhagen University he assisted Otto Jespersen with the preparation of one of the volumes og the latter's Modern English Grammar. He himself achieved a doctorate with a ground-breaking thesis, published as The Articles in (1939). Subsequently, three years at Cambridge led to another doctorate. After the war Christophersen was appointed by invitation to a professorship in English at Copenhagen, wich he held until 1948, when he began an international carrer of English teaching. He was successively professor in English at several European and American universities. Besides the description of modern English in speech and writing, Paul Christophersen took a special interest in second-language acquisition and was also an outstanding translator. He made a notable contribution to the English version of Otto Jespersen's autobiography (1995). The present selection of papers shows important sides of a lifetime's concern with the English language.

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Publication Date: 1/1/1999
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788778384058