Northern Worlds

Landscapes, interactions and dynamics. Research at the National Museum of Denmark. Proceedings of the Northern Worlds Conference, Copenhagen 28-30 November 2012

Edited by: Hans Christian Gullov

Northern Worlds presents the results of an interdisciplinary research initiative at the National Museum of Denmark. A significant part of the museum's extensive collections comes from the northern worlds or derives from periods - centuries or millennia back in time - when present day Denmark represented the far north, 'ultima Thule.' The research initiative thus had in mind the opening of new avenues for an understanding of human beings in an environment of constant change and, not least, for an understanding of the strategies on which people and societies have at all times relied for their actions. The book presents the projects that constituted the museum's research initiative through studies of distribution of agriculture, of communication, and of cultural networks which flowed out of religious, social, and occupational conditions detected from Denmark northwards, to sub-Arctic Norway and out into the North Atlantic to Arctic Greenland. Based on the presentations, 'the northern worlds' appears as a very tangible concept that denotes northwestern Europe, where the center of gravity for the research lies in the Nordic region. The idea of the unknown that could stimulate people's curiosity and motivate Europeans on often perilous expeditions to the north has today become quite concrete. (Series: Publications of the National Museum Studies in Archaeology & History - Vol. 22) [Subject: History, Nordic Studies, European Studies, Cultural Studies]

Publication Date: 12/1/2014
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788776748241