Across the North Sea

Later Historical Archaeology in Britain and Denmark, c. 1500-2000 AD

Edited by: Henrik Harnow, Paul Bedford, David Cranstone, Lene Host-Madsen

What is historical archaeology? What are the challenges facing archaeologists looking at the remains of the last 500 years? What are the issues for archaeology itself in today's rapidly-changing economic and political circumstances? How can a uniquely European historical archaeology develop? The result of a conference in 2009, Across the North Sea contains 24 papers from leading archaeologists, historians, curators, and heritage managers from Britain and Denmark. The book explores a wide range of issues, including the development of the discipline and current practice in both countries, together with a range of case studies and discussion of future directions. This fascinating book provides an essential guide for anyone wanting to understand the evolving discipline of historical archaeology in Britain, Denmark, and the North Sea region.

344 pages

Publication Date: 10/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788776746582