Sukker og Guld (Sugar and Gold)

The History of the Danish West Indies and its Goldsmiths until 1917

By Bent Knie-Andersen

Danish and Norwegian ships began sailing to the Caribbean in the middle of the 17th century. In 1672, the newly founded West India Company established a colony on St. Thomas. In the following years, the production of sugar gradually increased on the island, and, in 1718, despite English protests, the company took possession of the somewhat smaller neighboring island St. Jan. A few years later, in 1733, it purchased the slightly more distant island St. Croix from the French. For the next two and a half centuries, the Danish flag would wave over these three islands. This book recounts the history of the period, focusing primarily on the story of the goldsmiths who lived and worked there. The book can be read as a general historical account of the colonization, as well as a register of the individual jewelers. It includes numerous color photos and illustrations. (Please note: This is a bilingual English/Danish language book.) [Subject: History, Colonial Studies, Danish Studies, Art History]

Publication Date: 8/15/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9788776023218