Integrating Energy and Climate Security in Law and Policy

Retfaerd no.126

By Hans Morten Haugen, Margot A. Hurlbert, José Ignacio Gafo Fernandez, Roberto Rendeiro Martin-Cejas, Magdalena A.K. Muir, Staffan Westerlund, Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Jon Petter Rui

Edited by: Ole Hammerslev

The Nordic periodical Retfaerd (Justice) is a legal, peer-reviewed, jurisprudential journal that provides theoretical and practical analyses of law, while at the same time drawing on other sciences such as sociology, political science, philosophy, and economics. The published articles - examining law in a broad context - contribute to a continuous development of critical jurisprudence. With an emphasis on the Nordic readership, Retfaerd's articles are primarily written in Danish, Norwegian, or Swedish. However, in this special issue, four of the journal's seven articles are written in English. The essays in Integrating Energy and Climate Security in Law and Policy includes the following English language contributions: Energy Security vs. Food Security: Comparing Brazil, Indonesia, and Tanzania; Integrating Climate Change Adaptation into the Law; Climate Change and Energy Policy in the European Union's Outermost Regions: The Case of the Canary Islands; Challenges and Opportunities for Marine Deposits of Methane Hydrate in the Circum-Arctic Polar Region.

115 pages

Publication Date: 10/10/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788773188637