Constructing History, Society and Politics in Discourse

Multimodal Approaches

Edited by: Inger Lassen, Jeanne Strunck, Torben Vestergaard

The contributions in this collection examine media discourse through widely differing approaches. However, in spite of their seeming differences, they all share the quality of being concerned with news discourse and strive to find new ways of analyzing news discourse. A majority of these papers are concerned exclusively with linguistic discourse analysis, while some also analyze both linguistic and non-linguistic signs, and one exclusively examines non-linguistic signification. The subjects covered include: media representations of NATO's 1999 military intervention in ex-Yugoslavia * how the Japanese newspaper Ashi argued its editorial stance toward the US attack on Afghanistan * how risk was construed in a corpus of Newsweek articles in its dealing with September 11 * a comparative case study of British and Irish current affairs coverage in the immediate aftermath of September 11 * a discussion of the role played by the Austrian mass media in constructing the image of Austria as being the first victim of Nazi Germany * a search for dialogic, polyphonic contributions in fiction and non-fiction in reflections on the political violence in Italy of the 1970s * the relationship between the historical space of the objective world and the world created in discourse.

182 pages

Publication Date: 12/30/2009
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788773079485