Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Language Competence

Edited by: Rita Cancino, Lotte Dam

Native and foreign language competences constitute a widespread object of study among different scholars, both in more theoretically oriented frameworks within general linguistics, and in applied linguistics, such as second language acquisition research. This book shows how language competences can be understood from different perspectives. It discusses various dimensions of language competences and different aspects of English, German, and Spanish, providing answers to often raised questions regarding language competence in practical as well as principled ways. It also examines new angles on these competences in areas such as general linguistics, business communications, legal language, and within the service sector. The authors have worked within the foreign language and linguistic field for many years, making substantial contributions through the publication and dissemination of research in international journals and with international publishers. The book is aimed at scholars, students, and professionals alike who take an interest in language competences. It offers a broad view on native and foreign language competences and the various facets of these concepts that are reflected in multicultural and multilingual societies. [Subject: Language, Linguistics]

Publication Date: 12/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788771121872