The Art of Arts Integration:

Theoretical Perspectives and Practical Guidelines

By Tatiana Chemi

All children - regardless of their age, gender, or geographical/social background - thrive under the same conditions for well-being. And, they learn more when they thrive. Children's creativity (which, in adulthood, leads to job satisfaction) is a basic need that cannot be ignored. This book is directed towards creative school education, continuing to further develop well-functioning elements and to find new creative ways to meet children's needs for learning, development, confidence, and positivity. With a focus on arts integration, the book will inspire teachers who believe that creativity should be a central focus in schools, and that artistic creativity will greatly contribute to more reflective schools. This inspiration is offered in the form of cases and examples illustrating the significant benefits that the integration of arts in teaching offers, such as positive emotions and cognitive intensity, but also in terms of concrete, effective, practical tools. *** "Tatiana Chemi argues in the book that society's demands for increasing the creative capital of the labour market and in society as a whole should lead the school system to develop methods and forms of learning that will enhance the students' creative learning. She demonstrates that schools have a need to experiment with creative teaching methods. She inspires the development of teaching methods and materials. The book is evidence-based and builds a bridge between theory and practice." - Jorgen Lyhne *** "'The Art Of Arts Integration' is especially recommended to the attention of art class instructors K-12 and is a critically important addition to academic library Arts Education instructional reference collections and supplemental studies reading lists." - Midwest Book Review, Reviewer's Bookwatch, Julia's Bookshelf, March 2015 [Subject: Art, Education]

Publication Date: 10/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9788771121513